An innovative way of learning:

eLearning based on HyperMedia-Videos

We help people to “eLearn”…
and improve their personal evolution by providing an incredible eLearning experience

The current challenges of eLearning and MOOCs

Why eLearning courses and MOOCs normally show low completion rates?

Students are continuously forced to download PDFs, read material outside the Virtual Classroom and watch non-interactive videos, which after 3 or 4… they just need a break!

Students get bored and frustrated! They want to be entertained but they have very little interaction with the content and teaching materials

Most importantly, students do not retain course content! As understanding theory, applying it, and being assessed occur separately

Our solution… and our pedagogical commitment

After years of developing eLearning programs and MOOCs, we have reduced student dropout rates and increased completion rates*

* Certified achievements in MOOC-platform ConnectAmericas

We have decided to do something else… to help people “eLearn”. We have developed Hypermedia-Videos and interactive content for eLearning courses

Proven Results

Nowadays our clients/partners’ eLearning programs are able to…


Therefore, students obtain high completion rates


With other videos, info-graphics, maps, graphics, glossaries, reports, etc.

Tie assessment to theory

Tests and exams are placed within the very same Hypermedia-Video

We help companies (B2B) and government institutions (B2G) to develop successful Hypermedia-eLearning programs, based on interactive content and videos…

…Not only reducing time and production costs, but also enhancing the whole eLearning experience

A diverse team of professionals in eLearning and Multimedia

Certified experts in eLearning and MOOCs

We are a team of eLearning and MOOCs experts certified by UNESCO, Universities and International Organizations such as The Inter-American Development Bank, INDES, ConnectAmericas, The World Bank, etc.


Experts, in the television production sector, developing interactive content and Hypermedia-Videos for eLearning courses and MOOCs


Our tools and services


Production and revison

of guides and manuals with an interactive approach, including content creation and improvements in order to generate interactivity


of the Hypermedia-Video (HMV)


Pedagogical adaptation

of Hypermedia Content, following pedagogical models and methodologies


Editing and post-production

of the Hypermedia-Video (HMV)


Screen writing

of the interactive content for video-recording of Hypermedia-Videos and MOOCs

Technical compilation

of the Hypermedia-Video (HMV) along with other content on a web environment (LMS) catered to the vision of the organization


speakers or providing professional speakers for video-recording


on courses and eLearning MOOC-Hypermedia platforms (LMS)

Providing an awesome Mobile-Learning experience

…your space to create

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